Royal Hair Growth Serum Is Mixed With Over 6 Natural Oils And Herbs 🌿 That Work Together To Stimulate The Scalp And Promote Major Hair Growth. She’s Infused With Some Of Our Favs Such As...

•Castor Oil
•Grape seed Oil
•Avocado Oil

We Advise Moisturizing A Small Amount In Your Scalp Two To Three Times A Week. Royal Can Also Be Used As A Hot Oil Treatment. If You Suffer From Any Of The Following Listed Below. Royal Is 100% Safe To Help With Your Condition.

•Scalp Psoriasis 
•Seborrheic Dermatitis 
•Dandruff (dry scalp)

Drench Your Scalp In Royal While She Caters To Your Hair. Leaving, It Softer, Silkier, Thicker And Stronger! (Infused with golden flakes for luxury) And She Smells Amazing! 🤍 

Royal Hair Growth Serum