Enriched With All Natural Oils Such As Jojoba And Avocado 🥑 A Few Organic Essential Oils.
Benefits Of Our “Take Care” Face Serum Includes The Following Listed Below. 

1. Fades Scarred Skin And Dark Marks
2.Tightens Skin To Keep Your Face Firm
3.Protects Against Wrinkles And Age Spots
4.Protects Against Acne And Dermatitis
5.Reduces Excessive Oil Production
6.Cleanse Clogged Pores
7. Works As A Natural Sunscreen

This Face Serum Can Be Used Literally Everyday. If You Have Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, It Is 100% Safe For Your Skin. Only A Tad Bit Is Needed Everyday As A Face Moisturizer. Ladies Keep Your Skin In Tact, It’s Your Biggest Asset ✨❤️

After Several Research We Formulated This Product To Cater To EVERYONE. It’s Perfect For All Skin Types! 

(rose petals added for luxury)

Take Care Face Serum